Yankee Farmers Market Buffalo Burgers, 1/4lb

Yankee Farmers Market Buffalo Burgers, 1/4lb
Item# Yankee Farmers Market Buffalo Burgers 1/4lb
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100% Buffalo Ground from locally pasture-raised buffalo. Convenient 1 lb package of ready-to-cook burger.

Eat them plain, with a slice of yummy cheese, veggies, or with your favorite spices or condiments. You will be delighted.

  • Buffalo Burgers are lean and will be delicious when prepared properly.
  • Grill or fry more slowly and on medium heat.
  • Cover the burger. Do not flip or poke at this point so as to keep in the juices.
  • Leave burger until it appears nearly cooked to taste (varies with size of burgers). Then, flip ONCE for up to another minute (add a slice of cheese now if desired).

    Practice makes perfect! A meat thermometer may be used and the internal temperature should reach 160 degrees.