First Nutrition Essentials CLA, 90 softgels

First Nutrition Essentials CLA, 90 softgels
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Product Description

First Nutrition Essentials CLA is designed for anyone striving to get into peak condition.

Combine First Nutrition Essentials CLA with your intensive training program to support your body-shaping goals.

Derived from all natural safflower oil and containing no natural or artificial stimulants of any kind, it's perfect for people sensitive to the effects of caffeine, thermogenics or various stimulants.

How does CLA work in the body?

CLA works in four ways:
  • Decreases number and size of adipocytes (fat cells), lowering your body fat mass.
  • Decreases the activity of LPL enzymes which help to store triglycerides (fats) in adipocytes (fat cells). With regular use of CLA, less fat gets stored.
  • Increases apoptosis, the rate at which fat cells disintegrate, thus reducing the number of existing fat cells in your body.
  • Increases activity of the enzyme CPT (carnitine palmitoyltransferase), so fat is burned up faster, leaving less of it in your body.

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