New Vendors

New Vendors

Are you looking to have your products distributed by me? That's awesome! Everyone starts somewhere, even me! I started in 1998 at the age of 20 with just one little sports supplement store after I left GNC and have added on through the years to become a mega-company!
My brands now include 603 Muscle, First Nutrition Essentials, Muscle Incorporated, MuscleSport Nutrition, USA Bodybuilding

Ok, so we have a little criteria here at
  • We must have our logo with link back to our page for your products on your website.
  • Our logo must appear in any media where you list your products as "available at".
  • If you have videos of your products, we need a copy sent over to us to advertise your products on our YouTube page.

If we are to support you, we need you to support us.

Please complete the short form below and email me direct! (Please note- email is preferred. Phone calls are hard for me to take as I am busy running, working in the retail shop, training clients for bodybuilding competitions, promoting powerlifting competitions, and being Maddie's full-time daddy!)

Please include (in no particular order)
  • Contact Name
  • Brand Name
  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Price List

Thank you!

Dave Follansbee, owner <-- My personal email.