We've been in business since March, 1998! Come visit us Monday through Friday!

Retail Location in Manchester, NH

Come See us in Manchester, New Hampshire!
(just 40 mins north of Boston)

Opened in January 1998 as supplement shop NUTRITION 101, USABodybuilding.com is engaged in the business of bodybuilding and through the years has owned 5 sports nutrition stores and promoted NPC bodybuilding and USPF powerlifting competitions.

Currently, USA Bodybuilding owns First Nutrition Center (a retail store), USA Bodybuilding.com, First Nutrition Essentials, MuscleInc., MuscleSport Nutrition, USA Bodybuilding (supplement brands).

We are always open to new business ventures.

Would you like to visit our physical store? We're open Monday - Friday, 11am - 5pm. You'll find Dave Follansbee there every day!

First Nutrition Center
Mallard Pond Plaza
865 Second St. #1A
Manchester, NH 03102
NHBodybuilding@yahoo.com (Dave's direct email)

Please Note: In 2009 we eliminated our store phone; we simply all use our cell phones.

Hey! Wanna' see a cool video? Check this one out below!
How many supplement company owners do you know who live the "iron game" like this?!