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UAS Labs
Since 1979, UAS Labs has manufactured premium probiotics in the United States. Their state-of-the-art facility located in Wausau, Wisconsin is one of the few facilities in the world solely dedicated to the manufacturing of probiotic solutions. This passion for probiotic perfection not only allows them to create an optimal environment for probiotic viability, it also makes them experts in the field. From pharmacists, to food scientists, to biochemists, PhDs, and nutritionists, their combined experience in probiotic management totals over 100 years.

Their commitment to superior probiotic products goes further than just their facility. UAS Labs continually invests in gold-standard clinical trials on not only individual probiotic strains, but finished private label formulations as well. They believe investing in clinical research means investing in your health. All of their trials are led by one of the world’s foremost probiotic experts, Dr. Greg Leyer, PhD, who is also their Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Leyer and his team of top scientists ensure that the products you receive are the a result of the latest scientific research and top of the line technology.

UAS Labs UP4 Adult Probiotic
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UAS Labs UP4 Daily Probiotic
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UAS Labs UP4 Ultra Probiotic
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UAS Labs UP4 Womens Probiotic
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